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If you are a Donor Family, a recipient or are needing a transplant and would like a link to your site please let ME know.

  • Marcela's Heart Transplant Page. Marcela was four years old when she received her heart transplant.
  • My Husband Requires a Kidney Transplant
  • My Kidney/Pancreas Transplant
  • The Tissot Family Kidney Transplant Stories
  • I need a double lung transplant. I have cystic fibrosis and have been diagnosed as having "end-stage" lung disease.
  • This benefit site is to help raise the funds necessary to enable Jamie Hadden to receive the double lung transplant she needs to live.
  • Florida man needs rare transplant
  • The Nicholas Green Foundation
  • My mom has been an insulin dependent diabetic for 21 years and this disease is now threatening her life. Fortunately, there is hope for my mom's future. A successful kidney/pancreas transplant will stop the physical deterioration and may even save her life.
  • Recipient Story
  • Mother Meets Recipient of Son's Donor Heart in Emotional Visit
  • My Heart Transplant Experience
  • My Liver Transplant
  • Jania's Kidney Transplant
  • Chuck's Transplant Page
  • Keep Hope Alive, by a teenager who received a kidney/heart transplant

  • I recommend reading "Dying for Life" written by my friend and heart recipient John Landers.

  • "La Fondation Diane Hébert" Do you know Diane Hébert?

  • Awsumbuny’s Heart Transplant
  • Michael Loader's Liver Transplant
  • Is that MY Heart?
  • Jason’s Page
  • A Plea for Help for Heart Transplant surgery for a child in obsructive cardiopathy

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